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*Ordre des Druides*

12, avenue Jean Jaurès   63200    MOZAC - FRANCE

Telephone / responder / Fax   (33) 09 54 03 02 17

Practicums are reserved to Ordre des Druides / Druid Order members only

Practicums are in French, with translation in English, except precision.

An adequate dressing is need, including « rain » dressing. You must be in good physical condition. In physical handicap case, warn us, in order to facilitate task to you, as to include you in a more accessible practicum.

 The lodging and the restoration during the length of practicum are not assumed by O.D, except explicit precision. You must assume them yourself. However, O.D can help you and can counsel you in your process, helping you to be together with other trainees in order to lodge you with the best conditions.

 An e.mail always confirms our agreement. 

 Join us here: e-mail : or phone 04 09 54 030 217

Actualised September 2015

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