Other useful precisions

First, be positive that we don't try to convert anyone.

Each adhesion to the Primordial Tradition must be conscious, volunteer, without the least constraint either compromising.

The Tradition of Druids is not dogmatic and, contrary to a lot of sects and religions, let each one fully sovereign, free and responsible of his acts, opinions and of his conception of the Divine. Rather than a particular cult, this is a manner, even an art, to live in communion and in harmony with Creation. It extols every being's inalienable sovereignty in the greatest reciprocal respect, and in the greatest research possible of the perfection.

As Druids, we observes very rigorous ethics to get this:

To be tolerant, available, honest, compassionate and respectful to others are indispensable to be accepted in Druids Order. And is not confirmed in consecration anyone that wants it, even this one of simple Vate! Because then, it is necessary to make proof of a level in rather high knowledge, to commit to help his neighbour and to not be a politic partisan.

Because sexism as racism and sectarianism are some sufficient reasons to exclude you of all real druidic confraternity!

It is same way for offices: So anyone can, for example, ask for a druidic ritual for his wedding or his funerals, while having the certainty that the celebrant will escort his mortal remains to his last home.

Deists, Druids don't have any dogma, don't make any proselytism and let each free of his opinions as of his free referee to assume his responsible manner life. They extol the right to the difference, denounce Manichaeanism and dictatorship of the unique thought.


It is also necessary to know that a lot of ancient Celtic legends have been transposed in the Christian legendary and feasts and Christian liturgy have in fact incontestable druidic origins.

The term « Druid » is own by wise men of Europe. In Asia, we have our equivalents in the Vedic Tradition under its different shapes (Hinduism and Buddhism notably). In America, in Africa and in Oceania (Australia notably), we recognize as our brothers of traditions aboriginal nation Wise men, abusively identified as « shaman » by the European ignoramuses. We have excellent relations with most of them, in spite of distance.


Services & work groups

 Besides the teaching of the Druids Philosophy, Orders belonging to O.C.C.T.D assume as the teaching of the Primordial Tradition that the holding of ceremonies for all circumstances of life. From birth to death, while passing by wedding, everyone can ask for a suitable office to every event.

According with Primordial Tradition, this request is free.

However, still according to the same Tradition, and so that the ritual is operating, it is use that the one that asks for it makes a decent offering to honour and to thank invoked divine Strengths, also to allow people consecrated to live materially decently and to continue to exercise their ministration.

No trade is possible around Spirituality and Divine

There are not tariffs or scale therefore, nor obligation another one that morals; All offering is therefore a manual grant. It can be other that financial, the grant personalized in nature or in work is even strongly encouraged.

Remember that it is indispensable to know how to give to be able to receive,

would not be that a smile and thanks !

Nobody else that you won't judge yourselves,

but it is not more pitiless judge than oneself.

If the ritual doesn't give the desired result,

look first with what respect and what dignity you have done your offering.

According to the Primordial Tradition, If their values must be in ratio with the object that motivates them,

They are never bound to the result.

But intention is bound ! Sorry that happens for stingy!

The Tradition is that they precede the consultant's meeting and his intervention.

What won't surprise the African and Asian tenants of the Tradition.

*Credimacos, (plural credimaci), designate the one that has for reference The Tradition of Druids. (Gallic)



Groups of study

All Orders belonging to O.C.C.T.D, dispense gracefully teachings to all person without exclusion that asks for it and that is capable to assimilate them correctly.

You must only pay for yours yearly contribution (to see in Who are Druids) bottom of page.

These courses privilege oral expression, the interactive communication and the creative activity.

The only obligation for “marcassin” (student) is to respect the discipline recommended by the rule of order. The material supplies (Paper, books, tools) are to his load.

He must attend his “Sanglier”( Boar= Instructor, consecrated person) in his elementary needs of subsistence. In the world, number of great initiates doesn't have anything of others to live that solidarity of communities that honour them and they guide spiritually, even in Western Europe , where the indifference of peoples even let often them in a very great indigence.

Marcassin”, like each member of order, is free to leave It when it wants it.

In the same way, he can be excluded if he infringes seriously and voluntarily to the Rule of the order

People wanting to learn more quickly, can follow intensive practicums among us.