570-480 b.C

Gold Verses


Give to Immortal Gods, before all something else,

usual cult, established by the Law.

Respect vow, and noble heroes.

Honour deceased; convenient in their favour all liberating rituals.

Venerate also and your father and your mother and your near parents.

Choose among men, and make your friend of him,

this one that you will see to shine by his virtue.

Listen to his soft advices, inspire you of him.

Don't has never against him for some light harm, if you can it of the less,

Because the fatality can sometimes modify will of men.

know that it is thus. Attach you yet to dominate this:

Your appetite first, and your sleep then,

vain desires of senses, fire of the anger.

Don't make pain never with others or alone.

Vigil to this especially: respect yourself.

In your acts be just, as well as in words.

Don't put any action, without having thought.

Remember that death is for each of us the inexorable law.

As for possessions of here below, that, with an equal face,

you know to win them or to lose them by turns.

And as for pains that bring with him Fate,

Undergo them without moaning, for the part that it gives of it to you;

Tent to ease features so much of it that it can happen.

Know this again: often greatest pains are avoid to wise men.

A lot of various speeches, either vile, either virtuous, come to hit men.

Doesn't accept them with readiness;

Doesn't reject them with slightness.

If one lies to you, support it with sweetness.

Listen to my advice, and follow it without weakness:

That nobody, by his subjects or his acts,

Pushes you to work against your will.

Think long before to determine you;

It is the own of a madman to make lunacies;

Don't make anything therefore ever that you would regret.

What you don't can, don't pretend to make it.

Learn rather what it is good that you know;

if you follow these advices, happy will be your days.

The health of your body will require all your cares;

That it has foods that it is necessary, and the exercise,

with just measure to not weaken it;

By measure, I hear what is not harmful to you.

Live merely, modestly and without flabbiness,

Avoid what can surround you with envy,

And doesn't deliver you from mad expenses,

as make it often ignoramuses of the beautiful.

Don't fall no more in the awful greed.

Adopt, in all things, a just and good middle.

Make that harm not, and weigh before acting.

Know that to your wakening, the urgent thing to make

It is to raise the plan of your future acts.

In the evening, that the sleep doesn't close your lids

Before your reason weighed, for a long time,

all acts you have done during the day.

Say you: Did I commit a mistake? What did I make?

Or didn't I make this that I needed to make "?

Review your acts, from the first, thus.

If you made the evil, know to repent of it.

If you made the good, know to rejoice of it.

Yes, such will be the constant goal of your efforts.

Observe these advices.  Make it with love;

To the divine virtues, to behave they will be able to.

I swear some by The One that transmitted to our soul the sacred Tetrad,

Source of eternity of the whole Nature.

But before accomplishing your task,

you will need to pray Gods to complete your begun work.

When you will be formed to this use,

You will know secrets, as them of  immortal Gods, than them of deadly men.

You will know what binds or separates beings.

And as far as man has the right to know,

you will see that everywhere the Nature is the same;

Your heart on vain desires never feeds.

You will see that pains that feel men,

were freely by them alone chosen.

Because these unfortunate persons are unaware of happiness, that is close to them;

they close their ears and close their eyes.

know little to escape the misfortune that watches them,

so much the fatality blinds their mind; tossed in all senses,

They wander here and there as floating woods, in infinite pains.

The distressing Discord comes with them everywhere and leads them to misfortune,

without that they can see it.

Move away it, escape it with horror.

Oh Zeus (Dis Ater), You, our Father, You would save them,

if you wanted, pains those they feel,

If You discovered them the secret of their soul.

Take courage, my son, because divine is your race;

The sacred Nature will make you progress,

while communicating you the bottom of all things.

In discovering it to you, She will permit you to apply lessons

of what I prescribed;

You will carry remedy to pains of existence,

and your soul of sufferings you will deliver.

Abstain however you of certain foods, of which we spoke,

And that it is necessary to avoid purifying his soul

and to assure its emancipation.

Don't make anything without Reason; confide to Her reins of your soul.

And when in end, letting here your body;

when in the free ether you will take your takeoff,

Freed forever of claws of Death,

within Immortals, a God yourself you will have become.

Translated from Greek by S.S.T.V Lo Skiant /I\

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