Protocol and courtesy

Lot of people gets lost in titles and dignities of the Tradition of the Druids (and others). What follows will permit to help you a little:


If you believe that the politeness and the protocol are the hypocrisy, undeceive yourselves. This is not the tool, neutral by essence, that is to blame, but well the one that uses it badly pain. Indeed, if you make profusely bows and flatteries to a person that you don't appreciate or that you judge unworthy of so many respect marks, this is not yourself that you lower? Don't give to each that what he deserves, don't call a beginner His Venerated Serenity., except by derision, if his sufficiency and his pretension don't have of equal that his ignorance. This is not go down that to call General a honest soldier holding this rank, defending his homeland, of agreeable and anxious trade of the human dignity. If this is not the case, except if you chose the profession of weapons, evidently, call it " Mr. ", it is everything that he deserves. and don’t’t believe that he will be kinder while flattering him, you will have his vanity only swollen, already so unpleasant. Don't give the " Eminence " to a clerk of any obedience, if your spiritual elevation is equal , even superior to his, that is maybe that the one of a Vate, or same sometimes of a beginner or less again, alas!

“Father " is already a favour, Brother " is reasonable and friendly, and " Mr. " very appropriate and sufficient. If he offends himself of it, take  time to explain it to him, if he is capable to understand, it can sometimes help him to have more discernment, therefore to progress in his spiritual evolution by this way. A Druid worthy this name doesn't take offense at be called Mr., or even by his forename or druidic name. However, for those that nevertheless would rack theirs brains to express their civility, here is the French and English translation of traditional formulas.

Use of them, but without flattery, in ceremonies and assemblies notably, or with non-initiates, to awaken their legitimate curiosity. In this case, instruct them worthy of their understanding, you will progress yourself. Don't abuse these formulas, a Druid is always your friend, not your adjutant, and moreover, bring little with flatterers.

The use wants that the qualifier is preceded by His/her (or Your) Serenity for Druid. Examples: His Very Venerated Serenity Luernos, Your Venerated Serenity, His/her Serenity. Very Venerable, Your Venerable Serenity. From Vate, with some one bringing the same level in dignity, it is very frequent to say "Frère “= “ Brother (or Sœur = Sister) " within the order..


Minor order                                                        French                                                                 English

  beginner                                                            Cher                                                                     Dear...

  eubage                                                                Estimable...                                                          Estimable...

  pendragon                                                         Très estimable                                                   Very estimable


Major order

  Vate                                                                    Honorable...                                                         Honourable...

  Bard                                                                   Very Honorable...                                               Very Honourable... 

  Druid/Druis/Ban Drui                                   Votre/Ta serenite or Vénérable...                  Your Serenity or Venerable...

  High Druid (Ver Druis)                                 Votre/Ta Serenité Très Vénérable …           Your High Venerable Serenity or Venerable …


them... are the forename or druidic name, to omit if the person is alone, particularly from Druid, and to use if them of it has simultaneously several of them before you, to indicate the concerned person.


Ver Druis Gutuater                                          Votre/Ta Serenité Très Vénérée (Maître..)

 Your High Venerated Serenity (Master.).

Magus or Superior of a College                     Votre/Ta Serenité Très Vénérée (Maître.)

               Your High Venerated Serenity (Master).

Atrawon or Devos                                              Seigneur                                                                             Lord.

Deva                                                                      Notre Dame                                                                        Our Lady


In French, the familiar “tu” is usual, but at the time of the first meetings, “vous” is often easier…”You” = “Thy” is ever used in English


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