Moral Tale

According to Arverne tradition


Once upon a day, there was in Arvernie, a country in heart of France, a small village in the Chain of Puys 1. There a brave man lived, called Jojo. Intelligent, worker, erudite even, he had a lot of qualities, so that his company is searched for. But he didn't stop complaining about to be alone and forsaken.  

And he constantly groaned on his fate: 

" What misery, I am always alone, ever no one helps me. Even God doesn't take care of me! When I address Him my prayers, He never answers to me or never grant me ".   

By dint of to repeat again and again these complaints to all those that he frequented, he ends up all tiring. They preferred to do without his services, to tell truth excellent, rather than to support his everlasting recriminations. Thus, everybody fled him, and he was even more alone.  

All, except a Druid with great wisdom that accepted him patiently as he was. One day, where Jojo depressed more as usual, he went to the sacerdote that, after having listened to his complaints, full of compassion said to him:  

" Jojo, stop to moan! Stop to speak badly of Divine Source! She that load you with graces so much! You don't know even how to recognize Her kindness or Her graces!  " 

 Jojo answered:  

- " Ah! You say this very easy! Her graces! Her kindness! If God, “Incréé 2”, as you say, sent some of it to me, everybody would see it! If I am so blind, that He shows them to me, His Graces! But I doubt…. “ 

The holy man answered while nodding the head: 

- " My poor Jojo! As you blaspheme! I pity you of all my heart, because you don't know what you say. To help you to understand, I only ask you to do this: This night, the moon will be full. Dress you warmly, because it is going to be cold. Cover your head, and go alone to the sanctuary in Cave of Bélisama, on the puy ² (mount) that you know. Watch in it until the dawn !" 

- " Ridiculous! I know it well, this cave! And contrary to others, I have never seen anything there!” 

 Sneers Jojo. 

- " Do as you will want, but stop to complain then " 

Said the Pontiff 3. Jojo grumbled as to his habit, but when the night falls, nevertheless he did what has been counselled to him. 


He climbed the puy ² and arrived near its top. There, to nearly three thousand feet high, he saw the dark entrance of the cave. It entered deeply in its rooms and passageways of basalt, in this volcano sleeping since some thousand of years. He entered there. He visited some rooms, hazarding to stun himself against little low ceilings. In one, he grumbled: 

- " i..Little People’s room! It is as Ghouls4 Pass and places of Power! I never saw anything, nor imp, nor ghoul! Just foxes and bats! Pooh! Nothing of others!”  

He sighed, then he came back to exit. As the Druid had recommended it to him, he got settled in this natural porch that some call the Sanctuary of Our Lady Bélisama. He was cold there, and he says himself that with a good fire before the entrance of the cave, well wrapped in his sleeping bag, he could see to come events comfortably enough. He lit fire. To spend the time, he nibbled some dry apricots. He washed down them with a good very hot chocolate. Bell-towers in  villages surrounding rang slowly hours. 

 And more they rang for a long time, as they approach midnight, more he grumbled: 

" What silly I am to have listened to this eccentric Druid! Anything didn't happen! Anything won't happen! I am as “gnaulu “2 &5 that him to have come here to freeze myself!  "

 But in minutes that followed, without believing too much that he did, Jo prayed: 

 " Oh, You, Sublime Source, You “Incréé” of which speaks this Druid, make true that he has said, send me a sign! " 

And more Jojo prayed, more he put devotion there. He nearly sobbed some. In the valley, a bell-tower had rung the second hour of the night, and Jojo always waited. But nothing happened, and the sleep began to work it, burdening his lids. As cold weather had enforced, he wrap up himself warmly a few more in his bedding. It warmed him a few, but this relative improvement of his comfort reinforced his somnolence. He fought all his will to not fall asleep. He prayed again with more of devotion. To his prayers, he even added:  

" Oh God, You “Incréé”, if you are really as says it this Druid, I ask you to excuse my disagreeable words and to send to me a sign. Because I despair: the doubt gnaws me!  "

In his half-torpor, Jo continued to look at the night carefully. Suddenly, he didn't know anymore if he slept either if he stayed up, but he sees a gleam in the sky, like a shooting star. But now, he had never seen something of this way until now. And shooting stars, he had seen a lot of them ! Because as amateur astronomer, Jojo has often contemplated the sky at night. But that meteor moved while zigzagging right-angled, at full speed. For his understanding, that could not be a meteoroid, or a classic aircraft. Jojo was also fascinated by aviation, and he knew that never a classic plane would have been able of such evolutions with so high speed.  

As light approached very quickly of it, Jojo had very fear. To not attract attention on him, if it was yet possible, it was necessary to extinguish fire glowing before the cave. He wanted to rise to do it, but Jojo was incapable to sketch the least movement. 

            Too late! No doubt now, he was spotted! The gleam intensified and enlarged: And it headed right on the cave. It slowed down as it approached. It finally stopped in levitation to twenty feet of the entrance of our man's cave shelter. Paralysed, without understanding that happened to him, Jojo sees a human silhouette emerging of light. Spots of coloured lights surrounded him and of these lights was emanating song of a chorus of masculine and feminine voices. He had never seen and heard anything so marvellous. Did he dream or was he awake? 

            Frightened, Jojo wanted to shout. He perceived that, if he could not move, nevertheless he could speak again. While saying himself that his last hour had probably come, he said: 

- " Oh, God, I offended you by my subjects, but I was ignorant, forgive me! " 

Because, in such circumstances, for Jojo, that could be only God who was in front of him, surrounded by his celestial escort. And Who came to castigate Jojo of his presumptuousness, undoubtedly! 

The Being of light approached slowly to Jojo. He didn't seem to walk, but rather to float sliding in the air. He stopped at two feet of Jojo. The poor frightened man closed eyes, howled, pathetic:  

- " Mercy! I am an ignoramus! I sinned against You, I deserve Your Anger. But forgive me, because I didn't know that I did, I was desperate!" 

            As nothing happened, he reopened his eyes and saw that the being of light looked at it in the bottom of his eyes, in silence. And he smiled! And Jojo also saw that emanated of the apparition an ineffable, indescribable sweetness. Somewhat reassured it throughout, Jojo examined his visitor: Features and silhouette of that being was flawless. But Jojo was incapable to know if this visitor was young or old, bus if his features were without defects, the majesty, the nobility of his look and his behaviour denoted a maturity and a serenity that he had never met, except a little with the Druid that had counselled him this expedition. In same way, impossible to know by some anatomical detail, if the apparition was a man or a woman.  

- " Not of doubt, now, this is God, “Incréé²”, masculine and feminine, because He is the Whole, as said me often the Druid. And I am going to expiate my offences. " Thought our poor Jojo. 

 After a bit of time that seemed eternity for Jojo, his visitor finally spoke. His voice was at a time firm, soft and reassuring. Still impossible to say that if it was feminine or masculine voice.  It seemed to Jojo that this voice resounded as in his head. And she told it: 

- " What do you fear, Jojo!  Do you think really that “Incréé²” will make you pain to prove you that He takes care of you? What do you fear therefore "?  

            Jojo says himself that if the unknown knew his name and what he thought intimately so well, without doubt, he was well facing Eternal. But before he had opened his mouth, he heard to say: 

- " No, Jojo! I am not “Incréé”, but a being that respects Him, honours Him and lives in harmony with the Sublime Source that created us". 

 Jojo a little reassured himself, and thought that if this was not God, it had to be an angel. An angel as spoke the vicar and many people of his small village.

Unless that was one of these Great Beings, Devos 8, as said the Druid and some others.  But considerate his question, being held him this speech: 

- " Why do you want at all price give a label on everything? The word angel, according to its Babylonian or Greek origin, means messenger, then, I am an angel. But others will call me guide, guard, god, Devos 8, and a lot of other names. Men like too often trap themselves with words. No matter the name of which they qualify us. 

Know rather than Eternal is “Incréé²”. And that, as you, men, we are His Creatures. And we are all His Emanations, you, as me, me, as you. But we have two different conscience degrees.  

Men, except some sages, forgot Gods, but Gods never forgot men. Men need us to live and to progress harmoniously, and we, we need you, to assume the Task that the Ineffable confided us in your world.

And in this life, in whole fraternity. If you do accept it, indeed! Because you always remain free of your choice. "

And he heard many voices of chorus repeat to him: 

- " We are here to help you, Jojo, if you do want it " 

And they named themselves, one by one.  One of them said: 

 - " We are only your brothers and we watch over your nations! " And colourful gleams of the chorus vanished.   

            Poor Jojo was stunned by so much respect and humility coming of so extraordinary beings. If he did want of their help! “… Cré mille lougarous 4 & é, that’s yes! But nevertheless, Jojo remained very afraid in spite of words reassuring him said by a so fantastic visitor and his mates. 

 " Yes! Help me! I want to know! I do want to understand! Please! " Whispered him with a trembling voice.  

To know! To understand! But, what to know? What to understand? In his emotion, Jojo didn't know really what questions to ask first. He had so of questions to submit to the Being of Light who stayed here. 

This one smiles again more and asked: 

- Do you never complain that “Incréé²” never takes care of you? That you are always alone?" Sheepish, Jojo recognized.  

 "True ! It is true! But with your coming, I do see that He had made something for me ? " 

The visitor answered: 

- " I am going to shows you that He do really. But, say to me, do you well deplore that no one worries of you? Are we not submitted to laws to which we subscribe? 

- " That you say is right! " Assents our poor fellow.

- " Then, since you are on this planet, how many time have you helped others by pure Love, without hidden or selfish thought? "  

The question was firm and without detour. But, one of most embarrassing for many people, and Jojo was one of them: 

 - " Well!... hey… well... well... few…" He ended to articulate while scraping his throat... 

 Because, if he had a grumpy character, Jojo was very honest. And he didn't find really crowd of his acts answering to criterias of the question asked by the Great Being. And again, he was sure that those to which he thought were indeed. Jojo kept an embarrassed and prudent silence. 

 The Great Being guffawed: 

- " You do seem perplexed? Am I going to help you to make the point, if you do want?"  

Confused, Jojo accepted, of course, and the Being of Light said: 

- " I am going to bring you in a place symbolizing your life from your birth until this day ". 

 And in less times that it is necessary to say it, Jojo and his guide were elated in a vast plain of sandy desert. They began to walk, in a place where one could see number of traces of steps. In the beginning one saw a baby's traces, surrounded by others, of adults.  

- " These small traces are yours, when you were a baby, others, those of your family, of your friends. These, that always follow yours are mine." 

            Traces of Jojo grew as they progressed. Of numerous another one often surrounded him. But all to one moment departed; traces that came with those of Jojo become rare. And more frequently, even, there was only the trace of one person alone on the sand. 

- " Ah! There, I was well alone, there, there is only a trace! Everybody flees me! I wasn’t wrong! There, it is obvious, I was alone and left to my sad fate "! Grumbled Jojo that was himself reassured somewhat with time.  

- " That you say!" Retorted Devos 8.  

- " I only see one trace, no another one, and as it is like my life, it is that, I am alone, or otherwise, where are other traces. "  

- " Patience! You are going to know it. But don't you have noticed anything else?" Asked the visitor. 

Jojo bent on traces, examined them attentively and grinned: 

- " Yes! My traces seem to penetrate more deeply in the sand when I am alone, as if I was very heavily loaded. It is that! Heavily loaded, by the weight of my solitude! And then, flowers are rare and scrubby in this world! " 

Great Being smiled. 

 " These flowers are your pure acts of love! If there are so few, if they are discreet, it is because it is necessary to sow and to cultivate them with much Love so that they bloom better ". 

 Jojo swallowed laboriously, and recognized, all confused: 

 " It is true, up to now, my life was rather sterile and selfish: when I done something, I hoped well to pull a greater profit of it! But no one has said anything to me, except the Druid, and you, now... “

 The visitor retorted for the second time: 

- " That you say! You often made the deaf ear, rather than to listen to them. Even you have tired them!”    

Jojo agree, pitiable. And his mentor continued: 

" Watch! We arrive here in the time of our meeting in the cave". 

            And Jojo recognized the cave. But now it radiated a glaring and soft light. The multicoloured chorus was waiting for them. But this is not that surprised him more, nor the innumerable flowers of love that covered it. It was first that these flowers were enormous, very beautiful, smelling unbelievably nice. Then, he sees that they emanated in incomprehensible way of the chorus of spots of light and his guide's hands, but especially that the lone trace, that he took for his own, led under his Guide's feet! And Stupor! That he, Jojo, was perched on his shoulders! The confusion of Jojo was at its height.”  

He remained petrified, without voice.  

" –Hey! Yes! The load that you carried was very heavy! So heavy that you could not carry it! Then I have carried it, and you with !". Says mildly while smiling with a lot of compassion the Great Being. 

 Tears sprang eyes of Jojo, very touched. They had the taste of bitterness, joy and an unspeakable tenderness at same time. 

He sobbed a long time and the Great Being comforted him, tightening him against his shoulder. And Jojo felt the extraordinary love that emanated of his protector, and he felt good of this. However, he was always feeling guilty about his past spiritual blindness, and he was some desperate.   

When he had a little calmed tears and remorses of poor Jojo, the Devos 8 tells him: 

- " Be happy, Jojo! Because now you know! You saw, and you understood, because you knew how to finally watch with eyes of your heart ".  

- " Ah! Yes! I saw and understood that I was never alone, but alas, also what blind I was! I am ashamed! I could never make amends of so much ignorance! " 

- " But you can! There is no hardship for a man that he cannot surmount. And every hardship permits him to increase his conscience, if he does it. If now you understood, if you know the Truth, say it with your heart, say it to the face of the World!" 

 - " The Truth! I am going to do tell It to the World, surely !" Exclaimed Jojo with ardour, enthusiasm and conviction that surprised him.  


And he felt him full of jubilation and strength that he had never known before. The Great Being smiled, raising the hand to greet it. Jojo wanted to answer, to keep him, he had so many questions to ask again. But he can only raise the hand to say good-bye, and the visitor fade away like in movies, and with him, Light, chorus and flowers of love. The cave had recovered its usual aspect. It was the dawn and fire had died out, not warming anymore the end of this night, that was very cold this mountains. 


The bite of the cold weather had Jojo shivered. And he saw that he had recovered the freedom of his movements. Again a few numbed, he rose, stretched while looking at Hèol rising above of the horizon. One radiuses of the day star illuminated until the bottom of the cave and warmed poor Jojo again, all shaken of his nocturnal epopee. Did He really live it? Or was this a dream? Vision? Why not hallucination? No matter, this experience had permitted he take conscience that it was not alone like he believed it. As many believe it again, besides.  


- " See with eyes of your heart !" he repeat, as had said it to him his extraordinary visitor. 

And he looked at the World that awakened with his heart. And he liked it well, this World.  

And he felt very happy to live. 

He says to himself, " What a wonderful day!" And he took off his shoes and walked naked feet in the dew that whitened the short weeds around the cave. 

- " …This make pretty shepherdesses… " Guffawed him, in connoisseur. And he had a thought of gratitude for the Wise man who had taught him this ritual. 9 

A quarter of hour after, he felt a beneficent strength going up in him. He gave thanks to "Incréé", took his shoes again, and swallowed a fast collation. Then, he gathered his belongings in his bag and came down again in the valley, where he must say the Truth to the face of the World. 

 During all his life, Jojo held word, nobody heard him to complain again. On the contrary! 

And he constantly taught to anybody that wanted to listen to him, and there was a lot of them: 

- " Nobody is never alone, but very often, his soul is blind. To see all graces that we constantly receive from Divine World, we need only to open the eyes of our mind! “

Written by                           

  Lo Skiant /I\

    All rights reserved for the World

Notes :

1/ A puy is an arverne volcanic mountain, as Puy de Dôme, Puy de Sancy, etc. “Chaîne des Puys” (Chain of Puys) is a volcanic mountain group in middle of France, where live old  Arverne Nation.

²/ in French in the text. “Incréé”means “No Created, by opposition to creature. It is one of Names that Druids give to God, the Creator.

3/ Pontiff, is who make bridges: ASacerdotal Druid is the Pontiff who joins the Two Worlds by spiritual bridges

4/A ghoul or empuse is a subtle entity. The legend says that it feeds itself of the psyche of those that it meets. 

5/ in popular dialect of middle of France in the text : Gnaulu = hazy, of the Gallic niolos, mists, clouds. You can recognize this root in French “gnaule”, strong popular alcohol of fruits (grapes, plums, prunellas, etc), whose excess mists the mind. This word is from popular dialect of middle of France

Héol, Héolios is the gallic God Sun. To not confound with Eolus, Roman and Greek God of winds . Neo Héolios = new sun = winter solstice = >Noël, in French (Xmas)

6 /“Lougarous”, or rather antic “Lugaru”, designate those that venerate Devos Lugus, (God Lugg), God of all techniques. Confusion often done with werewolf, loup-garou in French! The sentence “cré mille lougarous” means approximately  “ damned thousand of lugarus” This is a kind of popular interjection manifesting intense excitation or emotion. .

8/ Gallic Devos, plural Devi means Divinity

9/ Be prudent before imitating Jojo! Think that dew can be stuffed of pesticides and other pollutants! Choose the good place.  


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