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Last update : September, 2013

You are very numerous in asking questions of the Tradition of  Druids. As you may be aware, many impostors and inconsequential individuals allow themselves the luxury of diffusing any old rubbish, including their own fantasy world, in order to promote themselves thus betraying their total lack of knowledge. 

Without fear or favour, we now reply to the most frequently asked questions. Questions and answers are regrouped by theme. The answers correspond to the spirit of the Primordial Tradition, not only with reference to the Druids, but also to many others. Please note the concordance between the civil and profane laws in the so-called  western democracies.

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Too frequently asked questions!:

1 / why do you not display the number of visitors consulting the OD /DO site every month ?

Answer : This site exists to inform you and not to promote some illusory image like the “legendary” site that displays without shame more than 71 000 consultations per month (Nearly 2/minut !) , among other breaches

 of confidence.

If you have some talent in computing, copy/past the page where is to be found this pseudo counter, and edit it using for example MS Word. You will see that it is just a simple text and not a counter !

Others themselves consult their own sites arrange for them to be consulted on a daily basis using automatic computer interrogation. Work it out for yourselves: with just one computer, in 1 day, 1 call by minute, that gives 60 X 24 = 1440 calls / days, 43200 / month or 525600 by year !

The Tradition of the Druids has a maxim : Quality is more important than quantity, all aware persons will easily understand why we don't install a meter and don’t succumb to the illusions of this petty game.

This does not mean we do not keep statistics, we have observed great and growing interest and have been pleasantly surprised. But the best indication of success is the receipt of your numerous e.mails of encouragement and your questions.


2 / why did you remove the music from the site?

Answer : Some older computers, which are very numerous, were blocked by the music.

We are very conscious of presentation, but aim to present our opinions to the largest possible audience and more particularly the materially compromised.


3/ I wrote to you for information and received no reply.

Answer : If you wrote to us by e.mail, maybe we have not received it. Send us back a copy and be patient for the answer, because there are many days where we are flooded by mail.  How many e.mails could you yourself answer in one day   in serious, personal and profound way ? Try it and you will understand.

If you sent us a letter, the same applies. Besides, did you remember to include a stamped self-addressed envelope?  Our budget does not allow us to answer to your abundant mail at our exclusive expense.

If on the other hand, you have written  merely:  “I want some information”, understand that  we are unable to guess your needs. Specify to the best of your ability exactly what it is you wish to know.

Please avoid crazy questions, of the genre : « My name is White. The Druids were nicknamed « White » once. Am I a Druid ?  ».

It does not take long to work out if a candidate is worthy for our priesthood or not.


4 / Druids and neo-druids, what is the difference?

Answer :

The Druids and other regular Priests are consecrated according to an initiatic Rule transmitted by a long lineage of disciples from an Atrawon / Ver Druis / Ver Ban Drui recognized by his/her equals, peer group and their successors.

The « neo-druids » auto-proclaim themselves « druid » or « ban-drui » or some other more fanciful title whilst invoking to a greater or lesser extend customs and Celtic folklore.

Such people are motivated more by vanity and a thirst for power than by spirituality. We consider them as impostors.. These movements began to appear in the XVIIIe century, often have doubtful origins.

One will note that they use certain druidic practices to make credible their pernicious doctrines, but avoid humility in the service of the Eggregore of the Primordial Tradition which they  readily disparage without valid argument

Many students of these false “celtic” gurus are sincere followers merely in search of the Light.

 Note that many neo-druidic groups exist although there is but one Druid Order, compliant with the Tradition.

Too many of these false druids spend their time recruiting disciples and selling merchandise of questionable spiritual worth.

The neo-druids want to federate all movements, including the Druid Order, provided that they direct this federation to their own profit.

We recall that the Druid Order / l’Ordre des Druides does not work for its own profit, but for the Love of  the Gods, the Divine Light and to help all of humanity to progress in a spirit of  humility and non-attachment.


Rules and Druidic Right :

Traditionally applicable in all nations claiming to be Celtic


Question : I wish to conduct my life according to druidic principles as well as being able to participate in certain activities laid on by the Order of Druids without actually being a member. Is this possible?

All persons who merely wish to frequent a group in order to get to know more about the Druidic Tradition, can be incorporated at their request in certain of the Order’s activities, certain ceremonies and meetings with no obligation other than to keep the peace!

In this role they will be regarded as “credimaci” (singular credimacos), i.e. simple lay observers of the Druid Tradition. It is clear that at no time will they be able to proclaim themselves Druids, Bards or Vates. They will belong to the Circle of Credimaci and participate in the ceremonies  accordingly.

If no Druid-Priest is available, they can take charge of a local devotional group. There is no fee. In the event of an activity requiring some fiscal outlay, such as hiring a hall, a communal meal, printed material etc., each credimacos is expected to pay his or her share at cost price. No collection is made at the ceremonies.


To become a credimacos, it is sufficient to contact the Secretary General or those in charge of one of the Order’s constituent assemblies.  




Question : Who can adhere to a druidic community ?

Answer : All major person with good mental faculties. Under reserve to be tolerant, nonviolent and of open mind. She can either be sponsored to present her candidacy according to customs of the order concerned. In a first time, she will be integrated progressively to a Fraternity no ministerial. According to her spiritual conscience and her faculties, she will be able to reach the Ministerial College




Question : How to be admitted as Vate, Bard either Druid (Ministerial College)

Answer : Those that, among students, present the incentive qualities and faculties and requisite knowledge can be called to consecrate them to these functions, on proposition of their teacher and after deliberation of the Council of  Druids.


What are differences between the Vates, Bards and Druids?

Answer : Solely of structural expertise at the plan of this World, but no in any case to the Sacred view point,  Sacerdotes have the same duties to serve the Divine and the Eggregore of the Druids. They must solidarity, respect to unique fraternity.


Question : Have Vates, Bards and Druids some particular prerogatives in regular sacerdotal Orders:


Answer :

All dedicated people have equal ministerial dignity. Their particular prerogatives are :


The Vates, to be able to celebrate all rituals, except consecrations, in the absence of Bard or Druid, or if these delegate to proceed,

Bards, that in addition, have responsibility of the teaching

Vates and Bards belong to the Anti Sedon and participate in the dayly management of their Order or College.


The Druids and Ban-Drui, t in addition of the previous prerogatives, can welcome beginners in the order in agreement with the Ver Druis and Ver-Ban Drui

The Ver Druis (Ri Drevon), Ver Ban-Drui,  only have right to consecrated other Sacerdotes. They can be admitted in the Council of Sages with the unanimity of its members of this one.

The Ver Druis Gutuater, (Ri Drevon Guduaer) and Ver Ban- Drui Gutuatrix,  are elected Superiors of an Order or College. They belong to  the Council of Sages

All constitute the Sedon, and lead their Order or College collegiately, decide consecrations and elevations of members of their Order.



Question : Some movements presenting itself like Druidic Order or College grant the title of Vate after a bit of time (Ovate), Bard either Druid to all person having received learning by correspondence, is this very serious ?

Answer :

This is not absolutely serious and contrary to the Primordial Tradition, credentials of the Druids. Besides, the content of these learning is of most suspected, often more « new age » that compliant to the Tradition. On the other way, often, there is not any control of knowledge. Thus, certain people who had ordered these courses to realize their content, have been seen to be claimed themselves against their will belonging to these movements !

We counsel you to avoid all movement acting as this way.



Question : Can one leave a community or a Druid Order ?

Answer : Yes ! At every time, as while warning the Superior. The resigning loses all consecration and dignity that he could have received in the movement of which he resigns automatically. He cannot prevail himself of his old belonging. Indeed, the Druidic Eggregore is unique : if you leave it or if you are banished, you cannot pretend to be connected with it.


Question : can one be excluded of a Druidic Community ?

Answer : Yes. Everybody who contravenes the Rule of his Order knowingly, doesn't conform himself to rules of the Charter of  OCCTD, of ODM, contravenes a Geis  (forbidden disciplinary) can be banished for time or definitively, without other shape of procedure that deliberation of the Sacred Council of Wise men. If consecrated, he will be execrated moreover. (* to lose the consecrated dignity)


What are offenses and infringements that can motivate the exclusion of a Druidic Order or Community ?

Answer :

San that this list is exhaustive, it is:

1 / intolerance, (sectarianism, racism, xenophobia, sexism, and misogyny).

2 / the calumny. That is to say the fact to propagate  wrong information to disparage other people unjustly. The fact is aggravated when they are harmful to consecrated people

3 / the perjury, that is to say not to hold word

4 / transgression of a major Geis. Samples : to consecrate without having (or more) the ministerial condition. To dedicate a Vate, Bard either Druid in time of Samonios. In this case, the exclusion hits consecrating it as consecrated. The recipient can  see his case examined by the Council of the Druids in first process, whose verdict is liable of call  with Sacred Council of Sages.

The consecrator and consecrated people participant knowingly already to similar ceremonies are suspended automatically without other shape of procedure for a minimum length incompressible of three years.

5 / the imposture, where the delinquent acts pretending to have qualities that they are unfitted. (Forgery sacerdotes notably)

6 / the violation of the harmony, usurpation, where the delinquent pretends to a person's function regularly in room and oust looks for to oust this one by schemings either.

Articles 4, 5 and 6 are more commonly known under name des « Three fished of the Druid » that all Druide worthy this name must absolutely avoid. They provoke all spontaneously the execration without other procedure.

7 / the disloyalty, that is to say to forswear while betraying his/her/its colleagues or while being harmful them voluntarily.

These last two offenses are punished by the execration to life in all traditions.

8 / collusion and/or complicity with previous offense authors can see their authors punished by the Council of the Druids of their Order or College, with possibility of call before the Sacred Council of Sages by a longer exclusion.


How the significance of an execration  happens?

In general, it is oral, as well to the convicted as to members of communities concerned. It is immediately enforceable. When it is possible, the consecrator of the convicted says to him his execration.


Does someone can proclaims himself Druid (Vate, Bard) ?

Answer ; No, absolutely non ! However, in a community where would be absent all person regular consecrated, can be designated a person respecting the tradition that will hold place of a consecrated to do the current business and to celebrate calendar ceremonies. She won't be able to consecrate anybody (except special delegation by a ministerial Druid) and should contact a regular Order to regularize the situation with the downstream of the Sacred Council of Wise men.


Can anybody found a druidic sacerdotal  movement?

Answer : Non ! Absolutely non ! The Rule is rigorous. Only a Sacerdotal Druid  with the agreement of his Sedon is able to found a independent Order or College of which he belongs.


Can I be in the Druidic Tradition while belonging to another Tradition or obedience at the same time.

Answers :

-        Yes, if this obedience or tradition is tolerant, nonviolent and no-proselyte, for people no cosecrated, under condition to not exercise a function in one and the other obedience.

-        No for the consecrated people, who must choose between the two the one where they stay active. They must get some « sleeping » in the other.

-        No absolutely for the militant adepts of Tradition or obedience sectarian proselyte. It is necessary to note that good of structures another one that Druidic apply these measures of elementary common sense. Thus, priest or prelate of some Christian, judaic or Moslem tradition cannot be consecrated, for example, in a serious and believable Order of Vates, Bards and Druids, seen the obedience that asks hierarchies of these Traditions.

-        This not at all preventing to preserve some brotherly ties with all Tradition or obedience no sectarian, tolerant, nonviolent and practicing compassion.


How are the Superior of a Order or College  designated? (Ver Druis Gutuater, Ri Drevon Guduaer, etc.)

Answer : By election by the whole of the Council of the Druids of the order. In case of contention, he/it can be made call before the Sacred Council of Wise men.


How long lasts his/her function ? How does it take end ?

Answer : He/she is elected for life. He/she can abdicate, otherwise he/it can be fell in case of conscious transgression serious of the Rule of his/her/its Order or a major Geis.

In this case, he/She will be judged by his/her equals, with possibility of call before the Sacred Council of Wise men. He/she will be dislocated of his/her functions without other sanction in case of losses of his/her mental faculties.


Who can consecrate a Sacerdote ?

Answer : Only a sacerdotal High Druide (or a High Ban-Drui) leading of a regular Order, proceeding in right line of a regular lineage of disciples, in agreement with his/her Sedon (Council of the Druids).

He/She can delegate this function if the case arises to temporary title to a surrogate according to the own Rule to his/her Order. (It is necessary nevertheless that they received the sacedotal consecration)


What are currently these people for the France ?

Answer (to date of the 01/01/2002) : It is, by Order of age :

-        His Serenity High Venerated Ver Ban-Drui /I\ Gwern Maha,   (/I\ Rosmerta has retired)

-        Their Serenities High Venerated Goff Ar Steredennou  /I\, Vosegus /I\, Year Habask /I\, Lo Skiant /I\ for the Ver Druis

-        Superior having recognized ministerial quality according to the Original Hyperborean Tradition (As Real Druid Order, not Druid Order/OBOD), as those of the Order of Druids of Ireland for the French members of these Communities.

-        Their possible confirmed surrogates.

It is necessary to specify that the mutual movements claiming itself of the Tradition of the Druids don't have a ministerial character (Branch mutual Henri Hurle, Orders of the 3th condition) and consequently logical cannot consecrate therefore.

«New-druidic » Movements or Celtic are profane and don't have any legitimacy in the Sacerdotal Tradition of Druids.


Question : How do the sacerdotal Druids consider a person belonging from a pretending druidic order or association, but not proceeding directly of a regular lineage not recognized ?

Answer : Several cas s:

1 / the person knows pertinently that she doesn't belong to a regular structure, she can participate therefore in a liturgical celebration of the sacerdotal Regular Tradition as profane (as simple credimacos).

2 / she has been abused by persons responsible of this structure : in this case she should leave this structure and should regularize her membership in a regular Order or College, where she will be able to be recognized according to her faculties.

3 /If she is responsible, or even creative of such a structure heretic : she is loathed if she has been consecrated and cannot participate to any celebration


Question : Can a no consecrated person celebrate a druidic liturgical ceremony ?

Answer : No, absolutely no concerning  liturgical ceremonial! A such convenient is sacrilegious. She can do  rituals of the personal and domestic service of devotion.


Question : I am not consecrated, can I create a group observing the Tradition of the Druids?

Answer : quite, under reserve to observe the Tradition indeed, and not to abuse while pretending to be consecrated. It is necessary to know that a simple sincere credimacos reinforces the Eggrégore of the Druids by his sincere devotion service a lot more than a conceited impostor who only makes some to his/her/its head. These groups of devotion and their credimaci can evidently resort to all person consecrated to help them to bloom.


Question : would I want to know the founding texts of the druidism, when they have been written ?

Answer :

The satisfaction of this request hardly presents an interest for your hold of conscience. Indeed, it is necessary that you are capable to read and to understand the oldest writings so that it presents a real interest, of a historic view point only besides.

Well on, some are content with a translation. But how to be sure that the interpreter translated faithfully ? On the other hand, in certain times, the Tradition is carried orally, that  doesn't remove him nothing of its originality. A well made oral tradition is very more reliable than a doubtful, or even falsified texts.

In Truth, Orders and Ministerial Colleges will never bring you a truth all made that should impose himself. But they will endeavor to give you the necessary tools to the collection by yourself of elements that will make you to take conscience of it, while respecting that that you are in your integrity.

One will note that a lot of masters serving today of reference to good of religions s: Jesus, Gautama (Buddha), among others, don't have anything never writes, their teaching was entirely oral, that that doesn't remove them in anything of the value.

We have of others part a predilection for the word, still living, without nevertheless to proscribe the writing, unchangeable and death by his/her/its gas. What made to say and to write to some inconsequent that Druids didn't write, what was always false to all time.

On the other way, it is necessary to being well conscious that number of Druids writings are not popularized and are reserved to the exclusive use of Orders and Colleges.


Can   Druid, Ban-Drui, or all other consecrated person pretends in the same time be shaman or sorcerer (sorceress)?

Non ! Absolutely no. If you meet such people, there are surely impostors or little mad. Be warning and if they abused your confidence, carry complaint against them close to the District attorney next  your domicile.


I heard to speak of a red way and a blue way in the Druidism. What difference?

Nothing. In the two cases it is about a folk imposture without no report agents with our Tradition. If one extorted you of money with such nonsenses, signal us delinquents and carry complaint against them.


I read that there would be several categories of Druids. What is some him really ?

Only the members of regular order as those belonging to the ODM / OCCTD, Orders of Druids respecting the Hyperborean Tradition, the order of the Druids of Ireland and other Orders strictly recognized how such by these Orders have legitimacies to pretend Druides.

Some, that don't have a legitimacy to pronounce itself/themselves, but have personal interests to propagate such misinformation, pretend as well as there would be some Druids of «generation spontaneous ». There not is not any more spontaneous generation in our Orders that in physics.

He/it is true that sometimes, some feel attracted by our Tradition without depending on some. If their vocation is justified, they must absolutely make themselves already recognize by the Druids of the regular Orders existing.

Anyone himself Druide autoproclame without being recognized and dedicated according to the Rule by his/her/its equals is incontestably an impostor.


Convenient life

Question : What are the food taboos of druids?

Answer : No one ! Stay up to absorb a healthy and levelheaded feeding adapted to your personality however.


Question : The Druids or other people dedicated are they compelled to the célibat ?

Answer : Non ! They have the same choices that the other citizens in the matter : They can be unmarried or can live in couples according to their personal longing.


Question : What is the position of the Druids in matters of sexuality, notably concerning contraception?

Answer : We let each free and responsible of his/her/its acts, while recommending the biggest respect of the other. No one is admitted to decree his/her/its conduct to that that it is, nor to judge it in this domain.

It is each to appreciate the harmony with the All that he/it brings to each of his/her/its reflections or actions on the subject. However, alone the union of a woman and a man can be considered how susceptible to be consecrated, under condition that they are pure of body as of mind and in harmony with the All.

With regard to the sexuality herself, she/it is absolutely necessary for the personal blossoming of each, in the measure where she/it stays a harmonious communion, uniting in an unlimited love everything that lives in the universe.

It is necessary that his/her/its exercise, natural, either an art respecting the three plans (Divine, Spiritual and physical), the other partner, their five senses, the sweetness, allowing every partner to receive communion in one same poetry thus.

It is an inexhaustible magic source of Creation, harmonization, renewal and health (Physical as mental) if she/it is lived in this mind.

It is besides what teaches the true tantrism as among others, the Tao…

She/it must be vécue according to the level of conscience of each.


Question : The sexuality out marriage is she/it condemned by the Tradition Primordiale ?

Answer : No, as for the previous question, it is not necessary to absolutely condemn that that it is to this topic.

Besides, in the antique and in the Celtic countries, he/it was a frequent custom of « mariage » to the test of one year, reconductible nine times for couples without children.

In the same way, « l'amitié of the hanche » was admitted there perfectly for people free of all conjugal tie. He/it is recommended them to act in the biggest possible mutual respect.


Question : The person that I like belongs to another confession or obedience, is this compatible with my adherence to the Tradition of the Druids?

Answer : there is not any incompatibility with regard to our Tradition, but the reciprocal is right ? Some confessions are proselytes and intolerant, it is you together who must appreciate the content of it.


Question : am I divorcé(e), do I can still to be admitted in community druidique et to participate in ceremonies?

Answer : yes, all to fait ! Each is free of his/her/its emotional relations and doesn't have to be judged on such criterias.


Question : Un(e) homosexuel(le) -(elle) consacré(e)  to be?

Answer : This particularism doesn't constitute a determining criteria permitting the access or the refusal to the ministration. The question is therefore without object, the Druids admitting no discrimination or segregation.


Question : What is the position of the Druids with regard to the pedophilia ?

Answer :

We condemn all aggression, sexual or other, particularly those against children, that, outrage his/her/its immediate denunciation to the profane penal judicial authorities, is a reason of exclusion strict incontournable.


Question :I don’t belong from European origin, can I adhere to the tradition of the Druids, to see consacré  being?

Answer : Yes, without restriction. However, he/it will be asked you to think if you would not have advantage to follow the Primordial tradition according to the original custom of your forebears if you have already been implied of it. After reflection, you will be admitted in the Community to the same title, with the same duties and the same rights that original European nation nationals. It is necessary to know that the human family is unique and indivisible on Earth. But his/her/its members can have the different orientations.


Question : do women have them the same rights that men in Orders Druidiques réguliers ? Do they can beings responsables  there?

Answer : women absolutely have the same consideration that men. We consider on the other hand that sexes are absolutely complementary to the service of the Divine. They can occupy the same responsibilities that men to all levels according to their capacities.

Some Orders or Colleges have in this moment-even of the Bann Druis to their head. Some associations and individuals pseudo-druidiques characterize themselves by their misogyny, such a feature of character is a meaningful sign of their flagrant imposture : they cannot pretend to respect the tradition of the Druids. Flee-les !


Question : Are The Druids enemies of monotheist religions?

Answer : The Druids are not enemies of no one and consider all man as their brother. Monotheism is only a dogmatic perception among others, all as pantheism or polytheism, of a very difficult reality to fear by the common of men. Each is free and responsible of his/her/its manner to conceive the world. Very mad the one that pretends to impose him to autres s!

The Cosmogony of the Druids and its eschatology  is very opened on this topic. With regard to intolerance of which makes proof to note consideration some Christian extremists, ridiculing the teaching of gospel tolerance, they should refer to Augustin of Hippone, that they yet hold for saint and doctor of the church, who wrote to the IVème Century e.v :

  «  That one calls today the Christian religion existed among Ancients and didn't make defect at dawn of the humanity. When the Christ was embodied, the true religion, already in existence, received the name of christian.  »

They should realize on the other hand that their liturgy is inspired more by the Tradition of the Druids that by no one else, notably the one of which some xenophobic and racist tenants believe themselves a « race elected », of which it « Country promise » is despoiled to his/her/its legitimate historic owners always, and of which Marc brings back that the mythical Jesus would have said: « Isaiah prophesied you, hypocrites, pleasantly when he wrote: This people honors me of lips, but its heart is far I. Vain is their cult, since they teach for human precept doctrine (Isaiah 29 :13) you quit God's command to attach you to human tradition » (Marc VII, but to see as Matthew 15, where Jesus intervenes to the profit of a « pagan » women(because cananean=non Judean) of which he recognizes the big faith)


Question: Saint Patrick is considered like a major character of the Celtic world, how druids consider him?

Answer: Patrick, of which some intolerant and violent acting didn't have anything of those of a saint, if he/it is incontestably Celtic origin, is unfortunately that a dogmatic impostor, who betrayed the original Tradition of the Druids, to replace it by an intolerant and sectarian doctrine whose Ireland undergoes misdemeanors again nowadays.



Question: Can a Druid be a candidate to elections?

Answer: A Druid, belonging to sacerdotal condition, the first Celtic social condition, cannot be a candidate to a temporal power or exercise him, being a matter for the second social condition, those of defenders and administrators. Such candidacies must not be taken seriously in some political station that it is a consecrated person therefore must resign her ministration if she wants to present her candidacy to exercise such a mandate and not to make state of his statement in her election campaign.


Question : In the book of Michel Raoult « Les Druides, societies initiatiques contemporaines » some orders or groups claim a ministerial character, of other not. Is this ministerial character guaranty of serious ?

Answer: In his excellent book, the author, who is ours, by worries of honesty intellectual and respectful of others opinions, is marked out himself to mention what each had indicated about his/her/its order or movement. Those that don't claim this ministerial character when they don't have him are honest. On the other hand, all those that are proud to have are him sometimes in the imposture. In fact many, that are only groupuscules of more spontaneous generation, claimed a ministerial character abusively for which they didn't present any real legitimacy and founded. In fact, there hardly is not that members of the ODM, respecting the ethical Charter of the OCCTD, under the aegis of the Sacred Council of Wise men that presents all guarantee of seriousness. But especially not the some pharmacies that, for example, claim to big noise their pseudo lineage abusively to the Kredenn Geltiek, Kredenn Geltiek that asks us to deny this pretension definitely on this site: he/it has there that members of this very respectable assembly that can prevail himself lawfully to belong to the Kredenn Geltiek. If one refers to the classification of this brightness quoted work in the beginning of this paragraph, there hardly is not that the Druids of first type and some of the fourth type, of which it is necessary well sensible to exclude those whose imposture makes them prevail itself/themselves to other lineage harm, that doesn't recognize them, to tempt to legitimize itself/themselves. Don't hesitate to consult us if you have doubts concerning the quality of your interlocutors!


Question: I don't belong to the tradition of the Druids, but I appreciate him in look to what I read some on the Oedre des Druides/OCCTD/ODM site. Could I write to be published there?

If you respect the ethic of the Tradition (non-violence, tolerance, compassion, etc.… to see Charter ethical OCCTD) and that the topic is applicable, very written or of a poetic appeal being sufficient, you have big odds to be published without other condition, whatever is your origins. Send us your prose or your verses to


Question :Is Halloween is the same feast that Samonios (Samain)?

Answer: Absolutely no! Halloween is an Irish Christian feast, no appreciated of the clergy of this obedience, later elated to USA by the Irish immigrants. Nor its date, nor its « rituals » are  those of the Primordial Tradition, reference of the Druids.

Indeed, so Halloween is celebrated systematically November 1, Samonios coincides with this date of the Gregorian calendar only every 19 years, simply because its date is given by phases of the moon,  named “Cycle of Meto”).


Is true that Samonios is also celebrated by sorcerers?

No one cannot prevent somebody to make fanciful « ceremonies » and to pretend that so they celebrate Samain. However, only a consecrated person, according with the Druids Tradition can officer validly ceremony of Samonios or all other ceremonies referring to this Tradition. She will be careful that not any « sorcerer » is sharing ceremony .