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How to contact us

By e.mail : odaloskiant@worldonline.fr

Your observations and your questions are precious and permit us to know your needs of information.

For lack of time, we can answer personally to these in general, especially by letter, even if you join stamping for answer.

But we draw ourself  inspiration from them to write our articles and answers to the most frequent questions (FAQ).

The polemic being always sterile, we won't answer to any tentative in this sense.


            Postal address

Ordre des Druides

12, avenue Jean Jaurès

63200 MOZAC


Mozac is near Riom, 20 Km (12.5 miles) from North of Clermont Ferrand, Puy de Dome, in centre of France.

Telephone, fax & e.mail

To call from France :   04 73 331 332

Whoever you are, you can consult us free by telephone for important and urgent personal problems, but don't monopolize our lines and our precious time by calls of simple curiosity or too frequently.  

Prepare your questions in advance in order to make communication short and as efficient as possible. 

Please consider those who might be waiting to get through.  

For complex and serious cases, we can receive you in private audience, exclusively by Rendez-vous. 

In accordance with our Tradition, the benefits received depend on the spirit which accompanies the request. 

To call from foreign, dial:(33) 4 73 331 332


e.mail :  odaloskiant@worldonline.fr


You can write and contact us in English

Usted puede escribir en español

Sie kennen in Deutsch schreiben

Você pode escrever e pode nos contactar em portuguese

Lei può scrivere e può contattarci in italiano  


We answer Telephone from 9 h 00 to 12 h 00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday & from 17 h 00 to 19 h 00 Tuesday and Thursday

We don't assure answer from 21 h 00 to 9 h 00, nor from 12 h 00 to 14 h 30

The hour of reference is local hour, that is GMT + 1 h in winter, GMT +2h in summer

Of the fact of the character of our institutions, We don't use the discourteous double call.

Be therefore persistent and patient to join us.

You can also take rendez-vous to be received in private audience by the same way. You have rather take it sufficiently soon.

Never come unexpectedly without dating, or for worthless reasons, you risk to do a long useless journey:

Although our consultations are free, don't abuse our services: Otherwise you would especially misuse yourself !

        Everywhere you live in the World, if you are an association taking interest in Primordial Tradition, Tolerance, compassion, non-violence, Celtic history, if you publish books or music in the spirit of OCCTD, if you organize events (Shows, entertainments, visits, etc) in this same spirit, your addresses and announcements can appear free in this site, contact us and send us justifications and propositions of that you have to promote (see addresses.)

An e-mail can be sufficient in most cases.

Ordre des Druides and OCCTD judge alone of the opportunity to promote them on this site

Spiritual order, we are sorry to never accept in these addresses those concerning:

Political parties or comparable; Proselyte or intolerant associations.

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